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Director of Event and Program Management

Kim Gilliam

Kim Gilliam

Kim Gilliam

In September, 2009, Kim Gilliam was named director of event and program management in order to centralize the logistics and planning of Cathedral concerts, events, and programs. In the past year, the department has added logistics planning for special and pastoral services to its portfolio. The department regularly provides management and support in the areas of volunteer recruitment, scheduling, and training; event ticketing, audio and technical support, and overall management of the logistics of each event, concert, or service.

Gilliam has been at the Cathedral for over fourteen years, starting as the event coordinator in the development department. She was the director of operations at the Cathedral College for seven years and moved to the worship department in 2006 to manage the Cathedral calendar and service logistics.

Gilliam is a graduate of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She has an event management certificate from George Washington University.

Parking at the Cathedral

Parking in the Cathedral’s underground garage is free on Sundays for services; parking for concerts and programs is available for an event-parking fee. Learn more about parking options for individuals and groups.