Cathedral Chapter

Washington National Cathedral is overseen by its Cathedral Chapter. The Cathedral Chapter shall have general responsibility for the governance of the Cathedral, and shall maintain oversight of the management of the Cathedral and set policies and general guidance for the operation of the Cathedral.

2014–2015 Membership

Mr. David J. Kautter, Chair
Mr. Alexander Platt, Vice-Chair
Mr. Thomas W. Anderson
Mr. Maxmillian Angerholzer III
Mrs. Boyce L. Ansley
Mr. John D. (Jack) Barker
The Right Reverend Frederick Houk Borsch, Ph.D.
Dr. Ann Carol Brown
The Rev. Dr. Mariann Edgar Budde, Bishop
Mr. Timothy C. Coughlin
Mr. Robert B. Coutts
The Honorable John H. Dalton
Mr. Patrick W. Gross
The Very Rev. Gary R. Hall, Dean
The Rev. Dr. Michele Hagans
The Rev. Martha Horne
Dr. Steven Knapp
Virginia C. Mars
Mr. C. Raymond Marvin, Secretary
Dr. Eric D. K. Melby
Dr. Eric L. Motley
The Honorable Thomas Pickering
Mr. Geoffrey S. Stewart
The Rev. Dr. James P. Wind
Mrs. Dorothy Woodcock

Parking at the Cathedral

Parking in the Cathedral’s underground garage is free on Sundays for services; parking for concerts and programs is available for an event-parking fee. Learn more about parking options for individuals and groups.