Cathedral Fabric

Mother Teresa and Rosa Parks

The Cathedral honored two twentieth-century women for their contributions to human rights with carvings in 2011.

Pointing Machine

In the spring of 2011 Cathedral stonecarver Sean Callahan completed two stone carvings that depict Rosa Parks and Mother Teresa. The carvings are in the Cathedral’s Human Rights Porch.

The stone carvings in this porch celebrate those who struggle to bring equality and social justice to all people. Above the portal are three full-figure statues: Archbishop Óscar Romero, former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, and former Cathedral Dean and Bishop of Washington John T. Walker.

A “half boss” stone, at the juncture of the ribbed vaulting above the statues, interprets the prophet Amos’s call to “let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an everlasting stream.”

These carvings on a pair of “label mould termination stones” were designed by Chas Fagan, a noted artist from North Carolina.


Setting in the Human Rights Porch
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Chas Fagan’s clay sculptures and the plaster models for carving

The first point and cut
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